USHWR bracelet

Wearing this trendy, rubber bracelet shows your support for our organization and the plight of America's horses.  $3 per bracelet includes shipping.


“Jake At The Gate” Necklaces

On Monday, March 18, 2019 several of the US Horse Welfare and Rescue Coalition members fundraised to save Jake At The Gate, an OTTB, from Moore’s lot in PA. The short story is that he was paid for Tuesday evening just before 8 PM. He was now the property of US Horse Welfare And Rescue National Coalition. The next day we arranges transport, QT etc… BUT, at 7:30 PM Wednesday evening I received a call that Jake had died. Later I found out that he had been clocking since Tuesday evening, was medicated, walked and put in a stall… they “waited for the vet” … who showed up AFTER Jake had died, alone, in pain and in a cold dank stall!!! I requested his tail to immortalize him and am now offering to have necklaces made for others so that Jake can travel the world and keep the need for awareness in the forefront. Join us as we start our Jake At The Gate Adventures page. A page where YOU, if you have a necklace and wear it, can contribute to his daily adventures across the globe. Let’s keep Jake alive!!.

The Aquamarine crystal represents Jake’s birth month and the month of his untimely death

To Order: Purchase through PayPal using the “Buy Now” button below, or send your check for $67 ($55 + $12 shipping) to:

USHorse Welfare and Rescue
345 Waterville Rd
Avon, CT 06001
Please make a note that it is for a “Jake necklace”