Promise is a 16 yr old Thoroughbred mare that was rescued after being purchased by a "kill buyer" from the New Holland Auction lot in Pennsylvania. Her days were numbered and she was scheduled to ship to slaughter in less than two days. Promise’s previous owner sent her with a note extolling her talents as a gaming horse, a jumper, and an eventer with 4 new shoes. Promise is looking for that forever home and still has plenty of energy and spunk. Currently she is enjoying some downtime and relaxing rides down to the river at the farm. She is completely sound.

Faith (Blind Faith)

Faith is an 8 year old 13.2 hands pony that was rescued after being purchased by a kill buyer and was going to be slaughtered. This incredibly sweet and mild tempered girl has a strong work ethic with substantial training. She is especially fond of jumping. Faith is looking for that forever home. She is ideal for anyone who is interested in showing Hunter/Jumper as she is very talented, smart, and willing. Faith is completely sound.



Bentley (Bentham’s Quote)

Bentley is a 5 year old 13 hands green broke Welch type pony who was rescued from a slaughter lot. He was still a stud. He is ideally suited for someone who wants to finish a pony off their way and can continue his training. He has been ridden and is very accepting of a rider, no buck or rear!  Bentley is completely sound.


Meet Copper, our newest rescue who just arriving on 6/10/18. He is a Haflinger, approximately 14 years old. He has some arthritis in one front leg, possibly from catching it in something and damaging the joint.  With time and naturopathic treatments Copper should be able to live a long comfortable life. Copper wears scars from years of being whipped to pull the cart, plow or carriage yet his heart shows no scars! He is ready to retire and be a pasture pet. No horse deserves it more!  Copper measures only about 13’3 hands, making him a small Haflinger and by size a pony. 

You will never find a bigger heart than Copper’s. His sweetness has already captured the hearts of all the volunteers, the vet, the vet tech and the farrier. His soft loving demeanor makes him a perfect therapy pony for a program that only does ground work with their steeds in cross ties, small paddocks.

Copper will leave Avon soon and will head out to Thompson, CT where he can roam the bulk of 30 acres with others who have been retired. He will soon be available for adoption under the right circumstances to a forever home where he can be a loving companion to another horse or to a therapy program where he would only have to give hugs!! If you are interested in learning more about Copper please send us an email.



Vinnie Van Go

Vinnie is the newest Off Track Thoroughbred to be rescued by USHWR. He became part of our herd the first week in May after he was discovered in a PA kill lot that ships to slaughter weekly. It is the same lot that Promise came from. Once discovered, we began the work of tracking down the former trainer and securing the necessary funds to rescue Vinnie from the lot prior to shipping to slaughter. Vinnie is now in Avon after having been quarantined nearby. He is still undergoing assessment, so stay tuned for more information about him. He will be available for foster/adoption once assessment is complete.