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Getting Ahead Of The Curve

IT’S TIME! Time to take action, to speak for the voiceless, to come together on a united front… to become a cohesive coalition of Americans and demand the humane treatment of America’s horses.


On April 12, 2019, USHWR officially launched the US Horse Welfare and Rescue’s National Coalition, a coalition with one goal: to STOP the inhumanity suffered by our equines through abuse, neglect, discardment and slaughter.

I contend that there are only 3 reasons to believe in the continuance of horse slaughter

1) you financially gain from the horses going to slaughter
2) you are cold hearted human or
3) you don’t really know how truly horrific the horse slaughter pipeline and“process” is.
Now, I’d like to think that the the last option is the category that MOST of my fellow humans fall into. People are busy, I get it. Why would the average American know anything about horse slaughter or its existence? USHWR is here to educate America and in doing so, do right by our horses.

USHWR NC stands that while we can not save every horse from death, we can, with
the help of our fellow Americans, provide those equines whose time has come, regardless of the reason, with a safe, pain-free, humane ending to their lives. NO LONGER will we allow America to hide this ugly underground slaughter pipeline from the public. NO LONGER will our politicians get away with passing the buck and failing to pass the SAFE Act. NO LONGER will we allow the shipping of our horses from auction to kill lot to slaughter only to have them be hung upside down by one leg and eviscerated while fully conscious. NO LONGER!

In recent times we have seen a multitude of movements here in America addressing grave injustices. Well USHWR says America’s horses deserve to be the center of the NEXT BIG MOVEMENT, exposing the largely underground and often criminal horse slaughter industry along with the inhumanity and heinous cruelty these sensitive and loving sentinel beings are forced to endure.

My life as a rescuer started in 2013 after foot surgery landed me on a couch, leg up, online looking for some great horse to buy. Over the next several weeks I came to know a great deal about horse slaughter, reading through information available to us all, but for many Americans it is not a topic on their radar. I get that! Americans are busy! They go to work, come home, fix dinner for the family, fit in gym time, kids games, and a social life. Few have been afforded the opportunity to delve into the bowels of the underground horse slaughter pipeline as I have. Who knew how much that surgery would change my life and drive a new passion in me! But, this is beyond a passion, this is a moral responsibility, an obligation. Americans Need To Know!

After supporting several rescues across the country week after week for several months, I said to myself, “ we are chasing our tails”. Week after week we are doing the same thing over and over again and we get nowhere! We get a pit in our stomaches, beg for money to rescue one last soul before the end of the kill buyer’s day and next week we do it all again. Every week we save roughly 15% of the horses shipped to slaughter. It’s not enough!!

Over the next few years I got to know several of my fellow rescuers fairly well. I watched them closely for a sense of sameness, a feeling that they aligned with me and my philosophy. It has taken time, but I am excited to say that I have found a wonderful group of ethical, philanthropic, like-minded rescuers that USHWR can confidently bring into the fold as advisors and governing members of the newly launched US Horse Welfare and Rescue National Coalition. Please join us in this movement! The horses need each and every one of our voices to make the necessary permanent change to keeping America’s horses safe. Please join the coalition today.

Susan E. Mitchell

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