There are times someone sends me a picture or a story and it grabs me at my core…. no matter what else is going on, I KNOW I have to act upon my inner voice telling me this is a horse USHWR needs to save. Meet Gigi! Gigi is one of those horses. A friend sent me pictures of this 20 ish yr old thoroughbred-ish blind mare standing in a kill lot in PA starving to death. You see, blind horses are not supposed to ship to slaughter…well, I guess that‘s great in one way, but….. no kill buyer is going to keep a blind horse and feed it out of the goodness of their heart. So, this girl was standing around starving. She had to come to USHWR, perhaps only to be euthanized if that was best for her, but at the very least that would provide her with a comfortable ending.

Gigi arrived the first week of June, 2019, has had her teeth done, put on a ton of weight, become a part of the herd and has a barn mate that means the world to her. Her world is small but she is familiar with it and happy. She has a quality to her life that lets us know that she is not ready to leave this world. She knows love and gives as much as she gets. Gigi lets you cradle her head into yours arms. She is the quintessential therapy horse. We will continue to care for her and love her as long as she is happy. She will let us know when her days are done….you see, GiGi speaks to us through her mood and her nuzzles.

USHWR is in need of monthly sponsors to enable us to continue caring for GiGi. Caring for GiGi is costly as she can not eat the regular hay and needs a special foods and diet. We are in need of a minimum of $325 in monthly sponsors to help us maintain GiGI. Please consider being a monthly sponsor. USHWR depends on private donations to continue our work of rescuing and providing sanctuary when necessary. Visit our “donate” page .