Copper, our Haflinger rescue, was saved from kill a pen. He was placed in a wonderful home in upper NE CT where he will have a life well suited for him and he can relax and enjoy his retirement! 



Scooter is a wonderful mid twenties rescued from a lonely backyard situation now existing with mini donkeys as his best friends and enjoying life!

Vinnie Van Go

Vinnie Van Go, an OTTB we rescued in 2018 direct out of a kill lot in Shippensburg, PA.. Successfully adopted out in 2018.

Denali Pirouette

12 year old OTTB mare, rescued from the kill pen. Came to USHWR sick and lame, was QT’d &  rehabbed here on the farm and successfully adopted out late fall 2018.

Currently beginning work under saddle and is completely sound.

Somewhere mid July, 2018 we spotted 5 branded and tattooed OTTB’s in a kill pen out in TN.
All 5 were used after racing as brood mares, successful on the track, foaled several times and now discarded by the one who made so much money off of them.

With only 1 day left before shipping to slaughter, USHWR went to work raising funds to save 2 of them (others saved the rest) and diligently worked to located another well respected 501(C)3 rescue close to these horses, saving them the long ride back to CT.

This is a perfect example of team work amongst rescues!
USHWR worked hard pulling this off and it was worth every bit of it.